Corina Tettinger is Coming to Melbourne to Teach


                          Corina is coming back to Melbourne to teach in 2017

Class List as follows:

May 9 Frogs and Lizards  (1 day) 1 places left

This is probably my all time favorite classes, I can hand over all I know about this in one day (wait? really? that is scary!) - and while some people told me in the past that they were not interested in making frogs, this is one of those times where I can answer: it doesn't matter, you'll enjoy it ANYWAY. Because making a frog is all about one thing: heat control. If you can make a frog that is 3-dimensional and still sticks to the bead, you're in business!

And there is more to a frog than just bright green! you will learn to use silvered glass or add color and texture by using frits and stringer....and I will teach you to make 17 different types of  eyes - which you can put on any other kind of creature, or just use on beads in general as accent points. Once we get beyond the lizard, we will add horns, wings or other types of addictional decoration....So, even if frogs aren't your things, you might want to consider this day of fun and learning.

May 10 Stringer  (1 day) FULL

Every time I ask students in a "general" class what they want to learn, "Stringer-Control" is without fail number one on the list. Throughout the years I have developed a number of exercises meant to "retrain the brain", so even the most stringer challenged person will figure it out in the end. Here just a few examples of bead designs that rely heavily on stringer-control:

May 12 Encased Florals  (1 day) 1 Place Left

Shaping petals, making stamen cane, vine cane.

May 13 Complex Florals (1 day)    FULL

Raised stamen cane, tiger lilies, poppies, florals depend on the desire of the students.

May 16 & 17 Rainforest Beads  (This is the second class 1 places left)

We will focus on a large variety of leaves, colorful flowers, butterfly and birds (or frogs) -

great fun for intermediate to advanced beadmakers and really corageous beginners...

May 19 Ocean Creatures (1day) 2 Place Left 

This class is a great addition to the inside-out oceanbeads, preferably it would take place BEFORE the general class, since students could populate their oceans with starfish, turtles, jellyfish, crab and whatever else they want to learn. Making fish-murrini is unfortunately not part of the class, since it would take up all day, but we will discuss how to build the murrini....Students are welcome to bring inspirational pictures or tablets

May 20 & 21 Ocean Beads (2 Day)  2 Place left

Day 1 you will be making a variety of ocean themed murrini and seaweed cane.

Day 2 You will be making surface decorated bead and encased reef beads.

This class presents an alternative "view" of the classic aquarium bead: we will start with making a variety of components, like sea-weed, coral, shells and other sea-life (general skills: making encased stringer, fancy twisties, complex striped cane and simple murrini). We will create 2 different kinds of beads, the surface decorated bead and on day 2 the 3-D encased ocean-bead, meaning the elements are encased without flattening them, which creates incredible debth - AND enhances your encasing skill in general...

Classes are $300 per day.

Lunch, nibbles, tea, coffee and water provided as usual.